IT Disaster Avoidence and Readiness.

    Statistics 2015/2016 Infographics, Blackbox and Computer World:

  1. 54% of companies report they have experienced downtime from a single event, lasting more than 8 hours.
  2. Power Outage, Hardware and human errors round up the top three.
  3. 1 in 3 organizations have reported being hit by a virus or a malware attack within the last 5 years. With malware on the rise, the numbers are only expected to rise.
  4. 2 in 5 companies still do not have a documented disaster recovery plan, and over a quarter admit to rarely to never testing them.
  5. Most small businesses want a disaster recovery contingency but can't afford it.
  6. 40% of companies rated their organization's ability to recover their operations in the event of disaster as fair or poor.
  7. International Average downtime 18.5 hours.
  8. Average cost to a small business just for IT support durring the disaster is well over $8,000. Add to that employee costs and business lost. How much will you lose?
  9. 95% of business that exerience outages are for reasons unrelated to a natural disaster.
  10. Blackbox reports that 80% of the businesses that experiance outages that last longer than a day, are out of business within 3 year, 40% going out of business within 1 year.

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What Guarantee's Do You Have?

What Guarantee's do you have with your current solution? Do you have any Guarantee's you will be back up, all data restored before the end of one day?  Is that acceptable?. Considering most businesses are struggling for months after a restore, I would guess the above Guarantee would be a good one.   Get it in writting or give us a call. 1.877.377.0919

Disaster Avoidance

21UCi is not an IT support company, we have two  goals in mind.  Disaster Avoidance and Readyness! We have a low system usage, proprietary package that monitors system integrity 24 hours a day. Keeping track of resources, systems utilization and critical alert triggers that will help avoid a list of DR scenarios and the need for a full time systems administrator.  If an alarm is triggered, we are already on our way.

Take a quick look at the Disaster Avoidance Program (DAP) Login as 'Guest' with the password of 'testtest' to checkout the basic report page.

Disaster Readyness

21UCi does a complete evaluation of your systems with one goal in mind.  We want Stability, System Integrity, we want a backup plan for our backup plan.  We setup proper backup procedures for daily backups and once a month we do clone capture baseline reset.  You will never have to start with a freash install of anything.  This is the one area where just regular daily backup will fail when you need them.   When we meet make sure you ask us why.

Disaster Recovery

If we complete our initial setup before a disaster strikes, will Guarantee you will be back up in less then a day, fully restored. ZERO data loss from the time of the last backup.  However, our goal will be to create a project that will migrate your current hardware over to a full featured redundant failover sysatems.  Based on your needs, will will come up with a plan that will allow you to migrate in several affordable steps to a system where if a crash occures failovers kickin and your business never lost a beet.

We work with small businesses.

What is a small busines? You have a small systems infrastructure! One or two servers, external storage, and a few local client computers connecting to them. If your business collects product or customer data, where any downtime to this infrastructure can cost your business money or hardship, but you can't afford thousands of $$ a month for the support. Call us now. If you are close to the above discription, the service will most likely cost less then $1000 a month.

No hidden or hourly fees.
Disaster Avoidance, Readyness and Recovery!

Limit time offer for the New Customer Deal. To give a general ball park idea of pricing for this offer: $500 a month for one server, add an additional $250 per month per server. This deal is done with a one year contract. (note signing a 2 year contract may extend the offer). Call or send email for more details.

Small Business Proprietors!

Are you a one man show? One laptop or PC? Don't need daily backups, 24hr monitoring or monthly visits?

Other Offerings:

Hardware Migrations and Upgrades. Off Site backup storage.

Don't fire your current IT solution, if you need the day to day support.

21UCi is Disaster Avoidance, Readiness and Recovery.  We want to make sure your system never crashes, but if it does we want it backup FAST.  The current average is 2.5 days of downtime and data is almost never fully recovered.  Unacceptable by 21UCi standards.  We guarantee you are backup in less than a day.  And we put optional projects in place that will upgrade your system and bring your restore time guarantee down 1 hour with every step.  We want to get you to our guarantee of 2hrs or less.


We are Disaster Avoidance, Readiness and Recovery masters  for the small business.  If you hire us before a disaster strikes, we guarantee you will be backup in less than a day.  Depending on your current setup it may be less than a few hours. Our goal is to get your systems to the point that we can support 2 hour Guaranteed up time.

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